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NN's first visit to the Melbourne Coastal Radio Facility was in to attend some training, as he did not have a maritime background. He then worked at the Facility as a technician carrying out preventive maintenance and repair from to He reported to station manager for administrative matters and to head office in Sydney for technical matters.

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Sydney did more than other stations, such as long-distance radio telephone and communication with aircraft. Twelve were produced to be shipped around the country, with the idea that the console would provide a standard operating platform to be used at any site. But over time consoles 'evolved' to cater for the requirements of each site. The first to be designed was in in Adelaide. The buildings were also designed to be basically the same for all stations.

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The stations at Adelaide, Townsville, Brisbane, Melbourne and Broome were all equipped with similar transmitters and consoles. An operator could operate any one of these without a problem. The building program lasted from approximately.

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Working at the Station NN recalls that the work culture was that 'if anything went wrong; you fixed it as a matter of pride. It would be seen as a failure if you sent something to be repaired by the manufacturer.

Overseas Telecommunications Commission

Many operators had a maritime background and during a shift, they would gradually turn up the volume of the signal they were currently listening to. This was because they wished to focus on that signal. Signals came from the different loudspeakers. NN remembers that Operators never turned the volume down so at the end of the shift there was a terrible din from all the speakers, 'especially with poor operators'.

However, good operators could pick out messages despite the noise. In , NN designed a receiver control sub-unit that used a reset switch to overcome the problem, but Head Office did not follow it up. Staff would take industrial action in pursuit of claims, for example, taking calls without charging, but never anything that would endanger life at sea.

In all his years working at Coastal Radio Stations NN never learnt morse so he could blot it out while working.

All these transmitters used valves. Fiskville was the international transmitting station and Rockbank the receiving station. It used 20 kW transmitters, which produced too much 'noise' for receptors to be 'heard'. The ATSI used solid state except for valves at final stage. Transmitters are electromechanical, meaning they needed to be lubricated regularly.

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NN recalled that 'once you've done this a few times, you can clean it with your eyes closed. One of the first services offered was for police ambulance as well as for ships at sea. NN does not know when the station stopped operating at the Domain. However, for a brief period, it was run from an office in Lonsdale and remotely controlled at Fiskville and Rockbank. Radio Stations , Telegraphy , Marine Navigation.

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Conditions of use Museums Victoria does not own the copyright in all the material on this website. Images 1. This catastrophe spurred the development of It was part of the Commonwealth Government decision to build a network of stations around Australia. By there were 19 Coastal Radio This media This book was collected from The manual details the call signs and OTC Magazine Vol. Euftis Emery. I get a lot of flack from readers who can't wait for me to get my next book done.

However, with those that complain, they are not aware or pay attention to the material that I publish in my blogs and website to market my work to the un-initiated and entertain them between books. Erotica, sex advice, playboy lifestyle, book excerpts for work in progress to name a few are just some of the things that I put out to meet the insatiable needs of my readers. Magazine article Drug Topics.

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The significant shift in OTC market share from pharmacies to other retail outlets suggests that individual pharmacists, academic pharmacy, and pharmacy management may have seriously undervalued nonprescription drugs as a professional practice domain as well as a "profit center.

More than medical conditions are treatable with OTC drugs as primary or major adjunctive therapy. Many of these conditions e. Besides being one of the most cost-effective forms of health care, OTC drugs provide pharmacists with good financial return.