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I want to do His will and I long to hear His voice. I know that even in all the busyness of life God wants to speak to me; but am I hearing God's voice? Do I even.
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Preparing to Hear God’s Voice

And this silence can be frustrating, disheartening, even agonizing. There are times when we will seek God for answers, cry out for His help and relief and still hear nothing. But as easy as it is for us to speak to Him, most Christians have a hard time hearing His voice.

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This is not the way God intended it to be. We can learn a few practical lessons in the silence.

God has spoken to us through those who were inspired to write the words of Scripture. His Word is still going forth and speaking to us. Our choice is whether or not we will heed the message of Bible verses about listening to God and listen to those around us who speak His Word. Help me to hear the sound of Your voice over the noise of this world. Doing this requires us to look deep into our own hearts and lives. Begin by asking yourself: Do I have bad motives? Is there anything or anyone that I love more than God?

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Why would we? The church would flop and we'd be yanking our three kids from their friends and family for nothing. Perhaps he really wanted us to finish seminary and go back to London or maybe head to a small parish where the vicarage has roses around the door. So we prayed and we listened but all we got was silence. No revelation in the check-out line. Maybe you're praying for an answer to a really big question too.

A yes or no, a go or stay, a here or there question burning through you.

4 Ways to Know If You’re Hearing God’s Voice - Kenneth Copeland Ministries Blog

It's a hard place to be, isn't it? Our God is a relational God and we know his plans are better than ours so we want to follow his will. And yet it's hard when we can't hear what that will is. We desperately want to do the right thing but how on earth can we if we can't hear what he's saying? Standing in the morning bustle of my daughter's reception class, as she packed her book bag away and sat down at her table, with my mind wandering to nowhere in particular, I realised I had an answer. No big fanfare or bolts of lightening. The answer was yes.

I just knew that I knew. I heard God's voice not as a revelation but as a realisation, a knowing. Having prayed alongside me and listened to my deliberations long into the night, she knew immediately what I was talking about. In the mindless daydreaming of the morning, my brain was free to hear.

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As JI Packer says, 'God Since then I've been learning to turn off my logical, ever-churning left brain to free up my more creative, intuitive right brain to hear God's still small voice. By the way, if you doubt you can hear God's voice I want to remind you that he is the Shepherd, he calls you by name and you, as one of his sheep, CAN hear his voice John Session 1 Available in days. Session 2 Available in days. Session 3 Available in days. Session 4 Available in days. Session 5 Available in days. Session 6 Available in days.

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