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In Skirrid Hill, Owen Sheers explores many themes, one of which is he often focuses in on adolescence and read full [Essay Sample] for free.
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WJEC Past Questions with mark schemes: Sheers and Heaney (previous syllabus 2012 – 2015)

It was very important in Charlie F. In Pink Mist , however, I had greater freedom to explore the subjects in my own way and to move into fictional territory to get closer, in that paradoxical way of literature, to the truths I wanted expressed.

I also wanted to write into a British tradition of conflict poetry — from Y Gododdin, through Wilfred Owen and, perhaps most significantly, David Jones. OS: We have a history on these islands of remembering and trying to understand the consequences of war in verse, and I suppose I wanted Pink Mist to continue that in some way. A form of story-telling that was lyrical and musical and yet also documentary and narrative too; a kind of dramatic reportage in verse.

OS: If a reader gets bored then that is the fault of the writer, not the form.

Owen Sheers on His Favourite Books

The long poem offers the opportunity to create a more sustained lyric voice and to immerse a reader deeper into the world of a character or place. These are pieces which maintain the penetrative power, economy and elliptic narratives of poetry, but which also adopt elements of the lasting resonance of the novel.

Winter Swans by Owen Sheers

I love lyric poetry but the way ideas are inlaid across a work are very different in a longer poem. CG: Considering your poetry influences, and poets you have written essays about Keith Douglas, Dylan Thomas et cetera , is it fair to say you find contemporary poets less inspiring, despite the past few years alone producing some incredible poems?

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OS: No, I think that would be reductive and inaccurate. Conclude with a firm judgement about the poem.

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Support all you say with details or quotes from the poem. Key words A good approach to begin with is to highlight any key words which stand out for you. Example question How does Owen Sheers present relationships in this poem? Considerations Introduction : Suggests that relationships can be difficult at times, but ultimately love keeps people together.

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  7. Use of weather and landscape to reflect mood : two days of rain suggests arguments between the lovers — waterlogged ground suggests difficulties in their communication. Use of light and darkness : as the couple move towards reconciliation, images of light are used.