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Editorial Reviews. Review. "Inventive should please fans of the first volume."-- Kirkus Reviews "Much of the characterization, plot, and copious illustrations are.
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Thinking that Rovender will meet up with her later, Eva meets Cadmus, the ruler of New Attica, and learns he is responsible for creating the sanctuary where she was raised for twelve years underground by the robot Muthr. Eva is registered, given a quota card, and meets Cadmus's daughter Gen and two other girls named Gen join in too. She notices that there are no aliens in New Attica, but thinks nothing of it.

While her new home is prepared, the three Gens takes her on a shopping spree. Eva changes her hairstyle and purchases clothing to fit the New Attica fashion trends. At nighttime, Eva Nine is unable to locate Cadmus before curfew and takes refuge in an aviary filled with once-extinct birds of the old Earth. She is startled to find that Eva Eight, a human being just like her who was raised in the same underground sanctuary as Eva Nine, has tracked her and wants to take her away from New Attica. Eva Eight warns that Cadmus is not a benevolent ruler and that the two of them must escape and live a life together in the sanctuary.

Eva Nine tells Eva Eight that Besteel destroyed the sanctuary, but Eva Eight insists, arguing that she has waited for Eva Nine for a long time and that they are like sisters. Eva Nine resists Eva Eight and the two are separated. Eva Nine discovers that Rovender has been captured by Cadmus's forces and learns that Hailey had intentionally returned them to New Attica because he thought Cadmus would give him spare parts for his airship.

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Eva Nine saves Rovender from being experimented on by Cadmus's medical bots, and they meet up again with Eva Eight, who is sorry for how she treated Eva Nine. Hailey joins up with Eva Nine, and all of them try to escape New Attica together, but Cadmus and an alien creature named the Prime Adviser stop them. They learn that Cadmus wants to take over Solas, the alien city, and steal the Virus Vitae Virus of Life Generator, which controls the natural resources of Orbona.

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The Wondla Trilogy

It is now in the city of Lacus. Hailey manages to help Rovender, Eva Eight and Nine, and another alien named Nadeau, who is related to Rovender they are Caeruleans , to escape in the Bijou. They barely escape Cadmus's forces, and after an airship chase sequence, Hailey releases his passengers in a life capsule, and flies off to fight the enemy ships. Now Eva Nine wants to reach Lacus so she can warn Cadmus about why it is such a bad idea to steal the Virus Vitae generator.

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The Wondla Trilogy

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