Guide Tweaking the Dream: A Crystal Meth True Story

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Clea Myers, a young English woman, comes to America to live the dream but experiences the nightmare. She goes from an Ivy League College to Los Angeles .
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I need to stress the fact that it is not the meth that is making people do bad things, like steal from friends and family, or leave their kids. People who do those bad things on meth, would do those same bad things without meth. It stems from a lack of discipline and poor sense of morality. I am a compulsive meth user — compulsive! I probably do more meth than your daughter and all her friends put together.

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The meth is just acting as a catalyst. Maybe the kids are better off? I grew up in a very strict household, so I can control my use better than someone who grew up in a more liberal household. All things aside, meth is on the rise because life is becoming more and more unbearable for a lot of people — especially in Canada. Day by day, people are losing compassion and empathy for one another, and that frightens me.

Homelessness and precarious housing situations are becoming the norm, as rent and housing prices skyrocket to astronomical levels. Life is unfair. Meth gives the user something to wake up for in the morning, after life has taken everything away. If you do it enough, your body adjusts to it and you can even eat and sleep on it. It helps with my autism and ptsd better than any other medication.

I love my meth.

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I am good person. I return things I find — wallets, phones, jewellery. I am honest, but I am a heavy meth user. The drug is certainly not awful, and I am not stopping any time soon. Sadly, I make up the minority of meth users, but good meth users do exist, go to work, and contribute to society. The bad ones contribute too, by creating more jobs in health and social services. I use meth multiple times daily — smoking and injecting- and I do not have sores all over my skin and I have an athletic build of lbs and am a heavy eater.

I am not a skeleton. I get at around hours of sleep every night. I use more meth than the majority of heavy users that I come across.

Methamphetamine and Psychosis

I also am a daily user and very much an honest, hard working and caring person. NO, it simply gives them an excuse to act on those urges!! They do things they have considered but not had the courage to doing the past. I am also not surprised that anyone can conceal their habit and believe they appear normal to themselves or other people. I have met hundreds of decent people with addiction problems. I see the results of the choices they made and how it eventually took over their life.

Most of them do think they are in control of their habit, until they are not. So you are not really unique or different in that aspect, actually you are fairly common in my realm. Facts and statistics are often relative but people are people. Their reality is relative to their own perspectives and individual life experiences. I can only speak from personal experience, my contact, my observations and the lives of users I have witnessed.

So no judgment here but given enough time and exposure to anything so chemically altering to your own body chemistry will eventually yield obvious results. So in conclusion time itself is the true revealing factor that will eventually expose the already proven expected results for the overwhelming majority of chemically addicted users.

I really do hope for your sake and anyone who cares about you or you care about….. Finally, she did get help and discover a recovery path which combined her buddhist faith and reassures her relationship with the step programme. Crystal meth in England has been reported only on the gay club scene. Part of the reason Myers wrote this book is to warn young people of its dangers. This book could be well used as part of a schools drug education programme. By My London. Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Follow myldn. More On Paddington Pimlico.

Using dreams(meth still haunts me)

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